Olem Alves & Inner Limits

Friday: 7-10pm
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Shelley James

Saturday: 7-10pm
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Family Fun on Saturday


Roller Derby

Admission included in Festival ticket

Saturday, 5-7 PM - The bouts will feature a mix of Lane County Concussion and Emerald City Roller Derby skaters versus the Queer Squad Washington team.


Bar Wars: The Saga of Craft Beer vs Big Beer
Taught by Justin Bruce

Saturday, 3:00-3:45 PM - A short time ago, at a tap in the other room…

A small team of Rebels had infiltrated bars on the outskirts of the Empire’s galactic reign.  Calling others to rally behind their cause a growing resistance emerged.  No longer willing to drink the swill forced upon them by the Sith lords, these rebels desired flavor and variety.

In an effort to maintain control the Emperor sought to squelch the Rebel scum by any means.  He blockaded the trade routes, put pressure on dissenters, and paid off those who would sympathize.  Armed with what he thought would be his secret weapon the Emperor set in motion a plan to obliterate the Rebels and their Jedi brewers…

Join us in at the workshop as the saga continues to unfold…

Pairing 101 Workshop
Taught by Jay Zink with Three Creeks Brewing Company

Saturday, 4:00-4:45 PM - Ask yourself this: Do I want a beer that is going to contrast with the flavors in this dish, or complement them? Both approaches can create incredible results. Making great pairings isn’t just about serving an incredible craft beer with a great dish. When harmony exists between well-executed cuisine and a perfectly paired beer, the effect can be unforgettable! But pairing your dishes with the right craft beer doesn’t have to be hard or intimidating. In fact, it’s quite easy and very fun once you get the hang of it. Of course, there are personal preferences in both food and beer, so come to the pairing workshop to find out how you can find your perfect pairing for your personal taste.


Food Vendors



*Fixings included on all meals. Warm cheese $1 extra except on Nachos.
Vegan and vegetarian options available!